Welcome to the Volcanic Eifel

A beautiful part of Germany is the (Volcano) Eifel, with a rich history, which goes back millions of years. By elaborate volcanoes, the typical half-timbered houses to the medieval castles and fortresses, this is all found in the beautiful nature of the Eifel. The Eifel region is ideal for hiking, swimming in a volcano Lake, bike tours, tasting of wines from the Northern Eifel and the Moselle, or to culture in the ancient cities. The environment of the volcanic Eifel has small villages with half-timbered houses, beautiful forests, rivers, the Mosel and towns with beautiful castles such as Daun, Manderscheid and Gerolstein. Also the Wasserfall Dreimühlen at Nohn is a must. Below is a very small selection of the many points of interest.

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The "Wild-& Erlebnispark" is located in the Eifel region near the town of Daun in a ca. 220 ha. large forest and meadow landscape. Not only because of its large wild file is the "Wild-& Erlebnispark" famous – the typical countryside with its large deciduous and needle forests, with mountains, valleys and streams have the park as a great attraction for animal and nature lovers from home and abroad. An 8 km. long forest road (car trip) will guide you through this beautiful landscape of the Volcanic Eifel. The large space makes it possible for the animals to live as in the wild, because the different animal species are able to move freely in the area and in addition also the contact with the visitors. At six designated stands (vantage points) along the forest road, you can step out of the car and take a closer look at the animals, also for photographing. Special food for the animals is in the park.

Free of charge you can visit, 365 days in the year, the longest suspension bridge in Germany, 360 metres long and 100 metres above the ground ! A simple restaurant is present in the visitor centre.

The fascinating world of volcanoes. Interactive museum for young and old.

The "Adler- und Wolfspark Kasselburg" (Eagles and wolves park) is located near Gerolstein in Pelm and is one of four popular amusement parks to the "Deutsche Wildstrasse". Here is the largest Wolf Pack in Western Europe in their natural environment. In the Wolf Canyon in the forests around the Kasselburg Castle, the Wolf Pack has its Habitat. Every day the wolves are fed what is a great experience for the visitors. The 32-acre park houses next to the wolves many other wild animals such as wild boar and deer. The park is densely forested and has large green fields. Within the walls of a 12th-century castle life eagles, kites, hawks, falcons, owls, vultures .... They have a lot of room in shady aviaries or in the beautiful sunny corners of Stauffenberg (Castle). Eight floors in the 37-meter-high double Tower are inhabited - a "skyscraper" from the 15th century. After the ascent you can enjoy fantastic views of the local area and across the Kyll River, a river that has dug her bedding 160 meters deep in the rocks. The free flight show with golden eagles, hawks, kites and vultures are displayed on the large grass field in front of the Kasselburg.

For the race fan !

Well maintained challenging course, generously proportioned fairways. Near beautiful old forest, especially in the autumn with beautiful colors.